Professional video production company for online marketing, NestFilms creates original concepts that work with strong marketing strategy to deliver results.
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Hi, I am Sharon Stahl. Redhead. New York creative director. Recent resident of Northern California. After graduating from The Rhode Island School of Design, I jumped head first into New York advertising working on national television commercials for Foote Cone and Belding, Ogilvy Mather, EuroRSCG and The Kaplan Thaler Group. After years with clients like MCI, Stouffer’s, Ambien, Clairol and Lean Cuisine, and surviving winter weather, traffic jams and subway snafus, I have finally given in to the year-round pleasures of Northern California. You might ask what took me so long? Sadly, I have no excuse. Succumbing to life in paradise on a daily basis is something not reasonably put off until later. And yet…


There are things about New York that I really miss: The constant jibe of creative minds in search of the even better solutions, the heavenly competition between talented people to outdo each other, the realization that brilliant concepts, design and execution are only a place to begin. And the thrill of seeing good work actually produce the intended oohs and aahs and even something as crude as increased sales and profits.


On the other hand, there is something to be said for perfect weather, bay breezes and constantly smiling people. So, I wondered… isn’t there a way to commingle both worlds? Of course there is! I have now joined a bunch of ingenious people who understand the value of direct communication and beautiful visuals right here in the Bay Area. They are truly gifted and I am so thrilled to be working with them.


I’d love to meet with you to discuss how you’d like to grow your business using video, here in the land of imperfect bagels.




Phone:  805.689.8989

Email:  sharon@nestfilms.com.

You can take a look at my New York work at sharonstahl.com



Brand Strategist | Product Visionary | E-Commerce and Marketing Expert

Bonnie’s gift is in understanding the potential of a brand and using her multiple talents to develop a marketing plan that delivers ROI garners national attention. As the Founder and President of VivaTerra.com, the premier direct-to-consumer business devoted to distinctive eco/social impact lifestyle products, she reached an audience that ranged from NBC’s Today Show to Oprah’s O magazine. As VP of Marketing at Banana Republic, she built 70-person department and led a marketing strategy, translating the brand vision she helped to create into a world-renowned retail phenomenon.


But these accomplishments don’t tell the whole story. Throughout her career, Bonnie has repeatedly used her ingenuity and instinctual grasp of one-on-one marketing to engage the consumer in an intimate conversation that transforms them into a brand emissary.



When we need compelling copy that entices we turn to Sooz Fassberg. Whatever you want to communicate, Sooz is your secret weapon, crafting text to achieve your goals. Passionate about languages (fluent in German, Spanish, French), Sooz brings a cross-cultural mindset and a background in media to NestFilms. After years working in television, and book publishing, she transitioned online as PR and Marketing Director for Salon.com and as Business Development Director at Ask Jeeves for Kids.


Sooz brings out the best in people and their enterprises, and holds a special fondness for projects that lift all boats. Years ago she launched the best-selling book “50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth” and created the first nationally sold environmental gift basket company. More recently, she was Director of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing at the Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley. (Greater Good studies emotions like altruism, empathy, and gratitude to help us all build a more resilient and compassionate society.).  Whether  you’re starting  from scratch or just want to polish your story, Sooz is our go-to person.





Silas Barker is an award winning videographer, vinematographer, editor, music composer, and all around artist. He has over 10 years experience creating exceptional videos and has a 100% satisfaction rate.


At NestFilms, we pride ourselves in beautiful photography and videography. We have worked with Silas for years and not only love the end product, but also enjoy the process. He is a great collaborator and technician adding creativity and hi-tech magic to everything he does. Silas is a new father but never looks tired. We don’t know how he does it.





Resourceful, personable and talented, Regan provides a customized approach to your website project. She has the innate talent to know what kind of look and message your company needs to make it a successful brand and helps you understand the synergy between websites, social media and email marketing. Regan is happy to trouble shoot and find the best solution to meet her clients needs.


With the patience of a saint, Regan delights loyal clients who appreciate what a pleasure it is to work with her.